Y Garn from Tryfan. Y Garn is in the centre with Llyn Bochlwyd and Llyn Idwal below, and Elidir Fawr to the right.

Y Garn


947m - 3107ft

Y Garn (947m - 3107ft) is one of the Welsh 3000s - the 15 mountains in Wales over 3,000 ft in height.

The south-westerly side of the mountain slopes gently down to the Nant Peris valley. The other, north-easterly side is of a different character, consisting of two steeply sided cwms, Cwm Clyd and Cwm Cywion, and finally Llyn Idwal and Ogwen Cottage. Along the ridge to the north lies Elidir Fawr, while to the south-east is the top of the Devil's Kitchen and Glyder Fawr.

Y Garn is Welsh for the cairn or the rock and is the name of several hills in Wales.

Last Updated: 8 May 2017