Waterfall swallet near Eyam - Mike Cummins 2010
Another view of the Waterfall - Mike Cummins 2010
A bit closer - Mike Cummins 2010
Long exposure - Mike Cummins 2010
Near the entrance to the rocky cleft - Mike Cummins 2010
Final look...Mike Cummins 2010

Waterfall Swallet near Eyam

...secret waterfall site

The Peak District doesn't normally count waterfalls amongst its many natural attractions - and this one is well hidden from view and virtually unknown too.

A 'swallet' is defined as 'a place where water breaks in on miners' but the so-called Waterfall Swallet near Eyam in Derbyshire is no such thing. It's a delightful surprise hidden largely from view at the side of the road between Foolow and Eyam.

In a deep, subterranean cleft of craggy limestone, sheltered by a small copse of trees, is hidden this gem of a waterfall - although as Winter approaches the plunging waters can be seen from the roadside, especially its most elevated flow anyway.

With relatively easy access (although there's no sensible parking alongside this narrow stretch of roadside) the waterfall is very pleasingly located although the scramble down to the bottom of the depression into which it pours is often very muddy and potentially dangerous, especially as Winter draws near. Be very careful if you find it.

We haven't published its exact location or grid reference as we don't feel this to be appropriate on a tourist/holiday site like this - but its inclusion in these web pages will give you a glimpse of the secret world it inhabits as it pours away, day in day out, rain or shine - and unknown to most at that!

Mike Cummins

November 2010

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015