Thetford Forest Walk


Walk along the paths of Thetford Forest enjoy the peace and tranquility whilst you walk along grassy swards of Sequoia Trees and forest paths and pass lakes and the Lynford arboretum and its lost Victorian gardens.

This walk is a distance of approximately four and a half miles and should take no longer than two hours to complete.  It consists of wide grassy tracks and small forest paths.

The walk commences at the Lynford Stag picnic site on the A134, see map,

From the car park follow the blue marker posts into the trees keep slightly right and continue to follow the marker posts. The path then left and take the next wide grassy track and walk along the edge of a Christmas tree plantation, this will lead onto a paved road.

Cross the road and continue straight ahead, this path was once part of the driveway to Lynford Hall.  You will see a notice board giving information on the arboretum and its 'lost' Victorian gardens.  Continue to Pumphouse Plantation along the gravel path, here you will again pick up the green and blue marker posts.  After a few minutes you reach a stone bridge.

You will find information at the bridge on the history of Lynford Hall, which is now a hotel.  Cross the bridge and walk until you see Lynford Hall, continue walking past the hall or pop in for lunch and a drink.

As you come to a T junction turn right and walk along the road to visit the arboretum, see site for more information.

Once you have finished visiting the arboretum retrace your steps along the lane then turn left, the hall should be on your left.  Turn right on to a wide grassy sward called Sequoia Avenue.  Continue along sward to almost the end then follow the blue marker to the left and into the woods.  You very quickly come upon the lake, the blue trail bears left at the end of the lake however this walk continues straight ahead on the bridleway the path here jigs left and then right but make sure you stay on the bridleway.

Cross the paved lane and continue towards Christmas trees then turn left at the end of the track and immediately right, here you will again pick up the blue trail posts, follow these until you reach the car park.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015