Ivory Fleece Rocking Ewe
Black Welsh Rocking Lamb
Jacob Lamb
Ivory Fleece Rocking Lamb
Black Welsh Rocking Lamb
Ivory Fleece Rocking Ewe

The Rocking Sheep Company


The Rocking Sheep Company, the specialist Rocking Sheep and Lamb Maker - Harlech, North Wales | Snowdonia Arts & Craft

Specialist makers of life size rocking Rams, Ewes and Lambs. Hand crafted in our own workshop at the foot of Harlech Castle.

• Our rocking sheep are an ideal woolly alternative the rocking horse - Each is unique and is of heirloom quality.

• Genuine, thick, luxurious fleeces are individually chosen. Although naturally dirt resilient they are easily removed for washing.

• The rocking sheep are sturdily constructed by hand from solid seasoned timber with no sharp edges. The ears and horns are produced from safe, soft suede fabric - All finishes are non-toxic.

• Quaility & sustainability of our materials are of prime concern - We use only solid timber from managed forests.

“Tomorrows Heirlooms in the making”

Children and adults alike love our friendly sheep, the soft, deep and luxurious natural fleece are hand sewn and shaped and the Georgian bow rockers are fitted with our unique solid rubber, anti slip, non marking insert to make the rocking action smooth and quiet on any surface whether it’s carpet, wood, tile or stone.

“Thoughtfully designed and made with care and pride to look good in any room whether classical or contemporary”

We also make some fun sheep ‘seats’ which make great piano stools or telephone seats in hall ways and landings etc, lamb footstools are perfect for putting your feet up on at the end of the day.

All our sheep and lambs are made from sustainable natural materials sourced locally here in Wales. We use solid seasoned timber from manage grown forestry and genuine, luxury fleece produced in the UK, none of our materials are flown in from the other side of the world or made in third world sweatshops, that way we support the British farmer, help our planet and can assure our customers that all our products conform to or exceed British and European safety standards.

Our sheep and lambs can be made in a kaleidoscope of colours to compliment any interior décor or taste from the ‘most wanted’ natural  colour like the classic story book white sheep and lambs, a glossy Jet black, a brown & white patched Jacob style and many other vibrant colours.

We don’t carry huge amounts of stock, we make to order, so please allow 2 weeks from order to delivery* {UK mainland delivery is included in our prices} or if you have an urgent date like an imminent birthday, call us to check for availability, if we say we can deliver in time - we deliver on time!

*To help prevent us from being ‘snowed under’ at Christmas we offer early order discounts in November, call us on 01766 781234 and ask what’s currently on offer.


As featured on BBC One’s Country File

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015