St Pirans Day

St Piran's Day

St Piran's Day

5th March is the day that all Cornish people around the world celebrate St Piran's Day. St Piran is a Cornish Saint of the 6th Century.

St Piran is a Patron Saint of Cornwall, believed to have arrived in Perranporth, Cornwall from Ireland in the 6th Century.

He later became identified as the patron saint of tin miners.  Saint Piran’s Day takes place on the 5th March every year. Parades are held throughout the county on this day and the sight of the many Cornwall Flags on display, a white cross on a black background, is a wonderful sight to Cornish people.

In 2012 the St Piran's Day parade in Truro is the longest running parade of its kind and attracts participants and spectators from across Cornwall as well as from the city itself. Other parades are held in Bodmin, Falmouth, Marazion, and arguably the largest of them all in Redruth.

Even in London, this year on March 10, there is a special annual celebration for St Piran’s day and everything that is Cornish with music and art in an event named Kernow in the City.  Just as Padstow people from all over the world come home and celebrate May Day or Obby Oss Day in Padstow, so do many Cornish head west for the day of pride and patriotism for St Piran and Cornwall.

In 2011 a petition was sent to Cornwall Council to encourage the council to make March 5th a public holiday in Cornwall. As we move on in 2012 the call to give the people of Cornwall their own bank holiday grows louder and louder.

Happy St Piran's Day!!
Brian Taylor
March 2012  


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