Rebecca Novell

Rebecca Novell

Short Films

Former Falmouth University student Rebecca Novell has kindly allowed Let’s Stay Cornwall access to two of her excellent short film documentaries.

The first documentary is a surf film with Dom Kent and Nicola Bunt produced for SurfGirl magazine about surfing the winter in St Agnes.

Commenting on the film Rebecca told Surf Girl magazine “everybody had really busy schedules but we all dedicated every spare minute of our time for three months in making it. Without this enthusiasm, the film wouldn’t have been finished” and on the conditions  “The Cornish cold really made it hard conditions to work in it’s very difficult to operate a camera with numb hands in or outside of the water!”

The second film is about the EU fish discard ban. The current practise , where as many as two-thirds of healthy fish caught by fleets are thrown back into the sea, dead, because they are less valuable than the species fishermen are trying to catch.

Discarding is a consequence of the strict quotas in the EU under the common fisheries policy on the amount of fish that boats may land.

When fishermen exceed their quota, or catch species of fish for which they do not have a quota, they must discard the excess.

Thank you to Rebecca and her colleagues for allowing Let’s Stay Cornwall to use this excellent and thought provoking material.

You can read about Rebecca on her blog and of the work of Shelterbox.  To view the videos click on one of the links below.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015