Parish church of St Anne in Baslow

...on the banks of the Derwent

Beautiful location near the Chatsworth estate, unusual clockface and flanked by two excellent pubs!

The Parish Church of St Anne sits by the river in Baslow close to the Chatsworth Estate, and its squat, 13th century broach spire and tower dominates the village at the opposite end to Goose Green and Nether End.

An unusual feature is the clock face, which has the legend VICTORIA 1897 in the place of numbers in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee.

Inside the church two other unusual features are preserved; the whip which was used to drive stray dogs out of the church during services, and a pitch pipe used for tuning the organ.

Contact details

Vicar: Rev Andrew Montgomerie - 01433 630821


Peter Clarke - 01246 583215 

Canon Richard Powell - 01246 583375


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015