St Barnabus in Bradwell - Mike Cummins 2010

Parish church of St Barnabas in Bradwell

..built in 1868

The picturesque Parish Church of St Barnabas was built in 1868, with the Church School adjacent to it erected four years later in 1872.

The framework and decoration of the church have been continually improved over the past century, and the four-square and pinnacled tower was added in 1888.

A planned spire was never built, but the clock in the tower was added paid for by a local itinerant hawker known as 'Old Benny' (Benjamin Giles). 

Samuel Fox, a local businessman and industrialist originally from Bradwell, made a donation of £100 towards the cost of building the church. 

Fox, noted for developing the Paragon umbrella frame, also donated the land that became the churchyard and the vicarage.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015