Paignton Zoo


For a full, fun family day out come and visit Paignton Zoo, with 3000+ animals to see, keeper's talks, face painting plus other activities you are sure to have a memorable day.

Paignton Zoo is home to thousands of amazing animals and plants. Visit the desert, cross the savannah, explore the forest and trek through the tropics. Use your senses to discover the wild world: look around, listen out - you’ll even need your sense of smell! It’s a great day out for everyone.

About the Zoo

Paignton Zoo was founded by Herbert Whitley, a shy, eccentric, millionaire, and was opened to the public in 1923. Torbay Zoological Gardens, as it was known, included monkeys, bison, zebras, baboons and many birds. Entry was one shilling for adults and sixpence for children. From the earliest times education, conservation and botanical themes were important.

The Zoo is now an education and scientific charity dedicated to conserving our global wildlife heritage and inspiring in its many visitors a life long respect for animals and the environment.

The Zoo is a registered charity (registered charity number 300923) and part of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The Zoo has received many awards, most recently the Silver Award in the Enjoy England Excellence Awards 2006 and was also a finalist in the South West Tourism Excellence Awards in 2006 for the best Large Visitor Attraction.

The Animals

Paignton Zoo is home to thousands of amazing animals all housed in 80 acres of natural habitat.

The Zoo is divided into six different habitat zones:Primley,Savannah, Forest, Wetland, Tropical Forest and Desert. All of these represent world habitats, except for Primley, which is an area of the Zoo where you can find animals from a variety of habitats. 

The animals in the Zoo are cared for by the keeping staff and by the veterinary team. They, along with the research staff, also work hard on environmental enrichment to ensure that the animals in the Zoo are active and stimulated.

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015