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An introduction to Newquay Zoo

A must see attraction when next in Cornwall is Newquay Zoo. What can you see? Take a look below for all this super park has to offer.

Over 130 species, education and conservation programmes for the good of endangered species and habitats, fun days for all the family, a summer barbecue every day, Newquay Zoo has just about everything for a family day out.

Set in the beautiful Trenance Park in Newquay, this zoo has developed into a top class Environmental Park . The staff are clearly passionate about their animals and you just have to listen to one of the many talks given by the keepers to see the passion they have for their work.

So what do you get for your entrance fee? Well the African Lions are always the most popular animals that all the children head for. This fearsome beast's roar can be heard all over the town when the wind blows in the right direction, a different morning wake up call to the traditional cockerel in the countryside.

Then there is the Asian Short Clawed Otter at play near the zoo’s maze in the themed Japanese gardens. Try and visit when the otters are about to be fed. You see the Otters preparing long before the keepers arrive with dinner! 

A really intelligent animal is the Marmoset, you always seem to get the impression with this species of animal that you are the one being observed and not the other way round. Watch as they use their specially designed habitat to watch and play.

In the tropical house, check out the Banded Poison Dart Frogs from the South American rain forests. Whilst inside, why not look for the huge Royal Python.

There are another 120+ animals for you to see including the farmyard site and the wildlife hospital. Newquay Zoo is heavily involved in the World Zoo Conservation Strategy providing useful information on animal behaviour and how best to care for animals in captivity, this is another example of the zoo’s passion for the welfare of its animals.

Education plays its part in Newquay Zoo. Endangered habitats and their species are always on the educational timetable. Indeed the Zoo has two indoor classrooms, hosts students and tourism chiefs to discuss all aspects of educating people at local, national and worldwide level to care for all animals that we share this planet with.

The zoo is ideally placed, just a short walk from many of Newquay’s beaches and town centre. There is plenty of parking space and the town’s road train also stops near the main entrance. There is a cafe and a shop inside the zoo.

Make a visit here a priority when you next stay in Cornwall.

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015