Mountain biking around Peak Forest near Tideswell - a good test of more than 21 miles if youre fit enough!

Mountain bike ride near Peak Forest


Peak Forest - Starting point: Peak Forest village. Distance approx: 21 miles Map: OL 24 Ride suited to good fit mountain bike riders with experience, not for young children.

Peak Forest is situated on the main road between Sparrowpit and Tideswell villages and there is parking and a pub if you get thirsty. There is one central crossroad and the ride starts at the northward side of the crossroad, turn right if coming from Tideswell end and left if coming from the Sparrowpit end. Follow the tarmac road for about 400 yards to a small cluster of homes sign posted Old Dam on the map. Turn right up Old Dam Lane up a tarmac road then take a left down to a small farm. On the map this is shown as Oxlow Dam.

Follow up between trees and through two gates for about three quarters of a mile, then drop down to another iron gate which opens to a grassed field. At this point turn left and follow the dry stone wall on your left for half a mile to another metal gate. Turn right here on to a quarry road. Follow this road through the quarry area and then bear left on to Dirtlow Rake stay on this down hill till it becomes tarmac then turn right on to a broken tarmac rutted road at a line of trees.

One hundred yards further on turn left on to Dentists Grade. Follow down hill between walls,then straight down through Pindale Valley through an abandoned quarry, bearing left slightly on to single track section. From the bottom of these head straight down past a house on the the left, then join a tarmac road at the bottom of Pindale.

Go straight on down the road for about one mile in to Hope village. Turn left for the Grass Hopper Cafe, 100 yards on the right. Back out of the café having refuelled, go left 100 yards and turn left opposite the church, go just under a mile to the right bend over stone bridge, then go straight over on to Fullwood Stile Lane. A steep climb up a tarmac road and then over the railway bridge where very often you see huge riailway quarry trucks being carted off, count the trucks.

After going over the railway bridge take a left bend to Fullwood Stile Farm. After this bend the road gets a bit rough as you head up to an iron gate, go through this and follow up a steep and rocky climb. At the top of here is a wooden gate, go through, another wooden gate here, go through and on up some more!! Keep on to the next gate with a stile where two bridleways cross at this point you go right. It’s a rutted track to another gate at the edge of a wood and continue down on a rocky trail to another gate.

Sorry I didn’t put these gates in but they give the legs a stretch and keep you from getting to comfortable on your behind on your comfy saddle.

Go through this wooden gate on the rocky track and head over the rocky ground take care here in wet weather. The trail heads down to a left bend. Bear left at this point the trail goes left to a short climb up then drops down and turn right over a bridge signposted to Snake Road, the A 57.

At the A57 turn left and ride the ruined mill on the left, ignore the forestry road on your right and pass Bell Hagg Cottage on the right going downhill to cross-roads. Turn right up steep tarmac marked as Rowlee Farm and go up through the farm and farm gate on to a compacted surface road climbing up to meet another trail at its high point. Turn down the hill then immediately up to another you’ve guessed it gate made of wood when last here. This double track climbs slowly following the edge of a wood to its left. Follow and go through another wooden gate and turn left marked as bridleway to Derwent Vally and Bridgend Car Park, then follow through a larger gate which is sometimes left open, bear left not to the right and on down to the road, on the bank of the Derwent Reservoir.

Turn left on this road and on to a mini roundabout, climb up from this roundabout past the Derwent Dam famous for the Dam Buster’s Film and is very impressive when water is cascading over it. Keep on after the Dam to a left bend and downhill to a left turn on to a Bridle road marked as Snake Road. Straight on here brings you to a crossroads where you bear slightly left which drops down to a gate which you go through of course to another gate which leads down to some nice rocky bends and then on to tarmac down to the main road.

At the main road go straight across through a gate which leads back across a bridge. Turn left then bear right for the big push up hill. All the way back up through a gate and then to the cross trail then turn left back down to Hope. Here at Hope you can always pop into the Old Hall Hotel Tea Rooms if hungry or thirsty . From here its just another 4.7 miles back to the car at Peak Forest.

From here cross over the crossroads next to the village church and up the steep tarmac climb and straight on to the bottom of Pindale. Straight up Pindale turning right at the top then left on to the road, follow the road all the way to the top. At the top the road bends left, go right here back on to the quarry road then immediate left and follow back to a gate on the left.

Go through the gate and stay close to the wall on the right, the track leaves the wall to go left a little then right to the gate. Through here then follow straight on through two gates and down to gate at end of trail. Turn left through here then right on tarmac down to a T junction at Old Dam. Left here takes you back to the start of the ride.

Approx 23 miles, are you fit?

Mark “muddy skinny bum” Street rides from Great Longstone on a Focus Carbon Frame hard tail mountain bike built by his great boss JW at Trelleborg Forsheda Pipe Seals, daily to work and at the weekends when he can.

Mark Street


Last Updated: 14 Sep 2017