Monsal Dale videos of Monsal Dale

2011 Monsal Dale video in full HD. Almost 3 minutes of superb scenery, beautiful Peak District vistas and several shots of the famous viaduct from unusual angles.

Monsal Dale, near Bakewell in the Peak District is one the UK's first National Park's most popular destinations, particularly Monsal Head from which vantage point can be viewed the long disused railway viaduct that stands astride the river Wye as it wends its way to Bakewell and beyond.

This 2011 video, commissioned by Let's Stay Peak District, is a stunning reminder of how beautiful this place is and how utterly wrong it would be for visitors to park their cars, spend 15 minutes peering into the Dale before setting off again for the next 'must see' Peak District attraction or beauty spot.

This is an area to be savoured for several days not several minutes and the nearby settlement of Longstone offers plenty of accommodation choices in addition to those at Monsal Head itself.


In addition to our growing collection of high quality Peak District Videos we remain passionate about stills photography and our new 2011 Monsal Dale Photographs page demonstrates our commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all we do here at Let's Stay Peak District.



Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015