The Monkey Sanctuary

The Monkey Sanctuary

Monkey Sanctuary at Looe in Cornwall

The Monkey Sanctuary is an active rescue centre and home to 28 individuals. Also home to wonderful gardens and wildlife room.

In a beautiful setting, close to the historic fishing village of Looe, The Monkey Sanctuary is an active rescue centre dealing with individuals that have often not had a very happy start to life, the needs of the monkeys always take priority. As a result of this, some areas of the rescue centre are not accessible by our visitors so as to give the monkeys the time they need to recover and progress physically, emotionally and socially.

Of course you will have the opportunity to meet some of the residents on your visit to and we have experienced keepers on hand all day to explain all there is to know about these beautiful and fascinating animals and the work that goes into caring for them on a daily basis.

The Sanctuary can also boast wildlife gardens overlooking the beautiful Looe Bay. Open in the spring until 31st October each year.

Visitors to the Monkey Sanctuary are  able to gain a fascinating insight into the mysterious world of the rare lesser horseshoe bat. The bats use the cellar under the house as a roost site, attracted to the warm cosy atmosphere created by the oil boiler. This warmth is very important in the summer months when females gather to give birth to their single offspring. The colony has been there for at least 25 years, emerging at night to zig-zag between the enclosures and inquisitively inspect any rooms with their doors left open, particularly the monkey kitchen, which attracts hoards of fruit flies in the summer.

The Monkey Sanctuary Shop offers visitors a wide selection of giftware, clothing, toys and the opportunity to adopt our rescued monkeys.Not just concerned with quality, but in line with our organisation’s ethical stance, we source all our goods from ethical suppliers to offer you a choice of great items sourced from companies that operate Fair Trade, organic, recycled or other ethical means of production.
Open during Sanctuary business hours (11.00am-4.30pm, Sun-Thur). If you would like to shop out of normal business hours, please visit our Online

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015