Ogmore Castle
View to Porthcawl from The Dunes

Merthyr Mawr, Ogmore and Southerndown Accommodation and Holiday Guide


3 miles to the East of Porthcawl is Ogmore which is a mainly residential area built on the coastal cliffs. There are a few restaurants and pubs in the area. Nearby are the ruins of 12th Century Ogmore Castle, which is situated at the bottom of a valley and is said to have a ghost (the White Lady).

Another 1 mile North, near Merthyr Mawr is the 15th Century Candleston Castle, a fortified manor house that is situated within a forest. Candleston Castle used to protect the village of Treganllaw, which has now disappeared under the sands. Alongside Ogmore Castle are quaint stepping stones across a 40 ft wide river which take you to farmland that you can walk across and to Merthyr Mawr. Be careful – the river is tidal, so at high tide you may not be able to get across the stepping stones.

On the other side of the stepping stones, Merthyr Mawr is a beautiful little hamlet which has pretty chocolate box thatched cottages located by a village Green and there is a medieval bridge that crosses the Ogmore River. From Merthyr Mawr, you can Walk through forest to the sand dunes (some of the finest in Europe) that lead you to the beach and estuary where the Ogmore River meets the Bristol Channel. The beach is a favourite area for Kite Surfers.

The beach is also excellent for horse riding. Click here for details of Ogmore Farm Riding Centre

1 mile to the East of Ogmore is Southerndown, a coastal holiday village that overlooks the Bristol Channel from its vantage point on the cliffs. Southerndown has a range of pubs and there is also Frolics restaurant on Beach Road. Just beneath Southerndown is Dunraven Bay, a beautiful sandy beach that is reached from the cliffs. The area is well known for its excellent Cliffside Walking and the Heritage Coast Centre (tel: 01656 880157) in the Dunraven Beach car park provides information on these walks (it is open daily between April and September and at weekends only between October and March).

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015