First light at Mam Tor © Mat Robinson
Grindslow glow © Mat Robinson
Mam Tor sunrise © Mat Robinson
Padley Gorge in winter © Mat Robinson
Sunlight over Hope © Mat Robinson
Wintry Higger Tor sunrise © Mat Robinson

Mat Robinson Photo

'I've spent a large part of my life trying to understand the universe and its natural beauty. This has manifested itself in my studying Cosmology for my 'real' job whilst taking every chance I get to explore and capture the beauty of nature in the landscapes I find throughout the north of England.

I can count myself lucky that the 3 places I have called home have been Richmond (on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales), York, and now Sheffield. So I've never been far from some of the most dramatic yet peaceful scenery our country has to offer.

Trudging up a hill through mud, snow and fog on cold, dark mornings in search of light that can often only be found as the sun rises is all made worthwhile in the hope of capturing the fleeting moment as light rushes across the surrounding hills and valleys. If I can only manage to share a small amount of the sensation of being there in that moment then I can consider the trip, and the photograph, a success.

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015

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