Longshaw sheepdog trials
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Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials

...running for over a century

The Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials claim to be the oldest continuous trials in the country. They have been run from 1898 to the present day, interrupted only by the two world wars.

The Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials continue to be held every year in early September, providing enjoyment for many and still raising money for charities.

The first official trial was held on 24th March 1898. It attracted 16 competitors in the Open Class and five in the Local Class. A total of £19 was offered in prize money. A second trial was held in September 1898 when 'the growing popularity of Sheep-dog Trials in North Derbyshire was evidenced by a large crowd on the Longshaw Pastures grounds'. A special train was run from Manchester for the event and 700 spectators paid to see the trials.

When they recommenced in 1945 the BBC were present to record the events. Two day trials were introduced in 1947, on a Thursday and a Saturday, to give more members of the public chance to come and see them, and in 1951 they were extended to the three days that they are today.

The event sees competitors from across the country battling it out for the coveted trophies, including the Derbyshire Times Driving Crook.

And in 2008 for the first time the trials attracted its first overseas competitor from Sweden.

Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials

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Visit Longshaw Sheep Dog Trials website for full details. http://www.longshawsheepdog.co.uk


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015