Lansdown Crescent
Lansdown Crescent Sign
Lansdown Crescent central houses
Lansdown Crescent architecture

Lansdown Crescent Bath of the last buildings of grand architecture just on the edge of Bath

Occupying higher ground on Lansdown Hill the Crescent offers superb views across the City and beyond and is a fantastic viewpoint.

Built as a Crescent of 20 houses on Lansdown Hill between 1789 and 1793 and designed by architect John Palmer, the Crescent is on the edge of the City offering great views and is situated close to Royal Crescent.
Each house is built of 4 floors with the servant’s quarters in the basement and is further evidence of the grand architects of bath during the late 18th century. The central two houses have a magnificent frontal facade of Georgian design with the doors in white giving a sense of grandeur and importance.
A place for the photographer to take more pictures of the Georgian architecture that is the essence of Bath.
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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015