Lakenheath area guide - Suffolk

Lakenheath is situated in the Forest Heath district of Suffolk, close to the county boundaries of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and at the meeting point of The Fens and the Breckland natural Reserves. Lakenheath Fen Nature Reserve arises from restored wetlands from agricultural fields that were once used for growing carrots. In May 2007, it was reported that cranes were nesting in the site for the first time since the fen lands were drained during the sixteenth century.

The village is quite large and can be reached by train having a railway station just three miles away. The village is very traditional in style and the main hub of life runs along the main street which houses a Victorian primary school, a scattering of small shops including a grocery store and two newsagents, a library with internet access and a playing field with a playground for the smaller children and a small skate park for the slightly older kids. There is also a garden centre to browse round.
In the evening there is ample choice of eating out or in, by way of a Chinese restaurant, fish and chip shop, and Filipino restaurant. Or you could spend an evening at one of the two public houses, The Brewers Tap and The Plough.
Lakenheath has a total of four churches but is most famous for its Anglican church that dates back to Medieval times and is built using local flint. It contains medieval paintings and carvings on the pews which have recently been restored thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery fund. The faces of the church's wooden angels, depicting local saint St Edmund and birds amongst other subjects, are believed to date from the 13th Century, but bear the scars of the English Civil War and none of the angels retain their original facial detail, due to religiously motivated vandalism by puritan soldiers.

Nearby Attractions

Lakenheath is host to the largest USAF base in the United Kingdom, RAF Lakenheath.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015