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Bugatti Veyron in 2010

Kop Hill Climb

Kop Hill Climb takes place on the weekend of the Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2016 at Kop Hill near Princes Risborough. It is one of the oldest Hill Climb venues in England having been established in 1910.

Many famous names had runs up the hill; such as Malcolm Campbell in his 12hp Talbot 'Blue Bird', Raymond Mays (Bugatti), Henry Segrave (2 litre Grand Prix Sunbeam), Count Zborowski (8 cylinder Ballot) and Archie Frazer Nash (KimII).

The fastest time recorded for a car was in 1922 when Count Zborowski's GP Ballot (an aero-engined monster) achieved 26.8 secs. The motorcycles were faster; in 1925 Freddie Dixon had a time of 22.8 seconds on his 736cc Douglas (an average of 81mph!).

Last year 350 vehicles climbed the hill and there were 300 additional classics in the paddock. There were over 8000 spectators and £30,000 was raised for charity.

Kop Hill Climb Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th September 2016. 


Last Updated: 8 Mar 2016

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