Ballons over Wales


Hot Air Ballooning in Wales Meet at Penllergaer, and then depending on wind direction, fly from either penllergaer, Llandeilo or Carmarthen, south west Wales. From take off, the prevailing winds carry us serenely across the valley, giving us panoramic views of the coast, mountains and south west Wales's famous land marks.

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Check in is on site. You will meet your pilot and ground crew who will introduce you to the balloon and how the inflation process works.

You will be encouraged to become involved with the inflation which will commence after a full, detailed balloon flight briefing by your pilot.

As the ground falls away, a 360o panoramic view emerges with views across the local area. Your balloon flight will last around one hour.

Our retrieve team will be following the balloon via radio contact. After we have landed, we will return you to the launch site in the retrieve vehicle.


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015