Late summer at Holy Trinity, Ashford © Mike Cummins 2010
Beautiful interior of Holy Trinity © Mike Cummins 2010
Ashford Parish church © Mike Cummins 2009
Another interior shot © Mike Cummins 2010
Dramatic perspective of Holy Trinity © Mike Cummins 2009

Holy Trinity Parish Church in Ashford-in-the-Water

...a feature of the Peak's prettiest village

Dating back to around 1205 is the grey limestone Holy Trinity Parish Church, largely rebuilt in 1870 yet retaining the base of its 13th century tower.

The parish church has stood at the centre of Ashford-in-the-Water - arguably the Peak District's prettiest village - for many centuries.

The vigorously carved tympanum over the Norman south door is one of the finest in the Peak and comes from the original church. It displays a boar and wolf standing either side of the Tree of Life.
Inside the church, hanging high in the chancel roof, are the remains of ancient “virgin crants”, or crowns, which were white paper garlands carried at the funeral processions of young virgins from the village. Four garlands still hang, the oldest from 1747.

On the north wall is a tablet in Ashford’s most famous product, the so-called Black Marble, commemorating Henry Watson of Bakewell, who opened Ashford’s first marble quarry.

Contact details:

Rev. Tony Kaunhoven - 01629 814462

Rev. John Paul Hoskins - 01433 630979

Mrs. Linda Foster (Administrator) - 01298 871647

Mr. John M. G. Foster (Churchwarden) - 01298 871647

Mr. John Winkworth-Smith (Churchwarden) - 01629 640912

Mrs. Yvonne Skipper (PCC Secretary) - 01629 813242

Mr. Richard Barnes MBE (Choir Master) - 01629 812946

Mrs Linda Pelc (Tower Captain) - 01629 815280


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015