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Holidays and accommodation in France


La Belle France! Enjoy a holiday in France - it's tres, tres bon!

Famous for its nightlife, culture, countryside and cuisine, France is understandably an extremely popular holiday destination. It has never been easier to travel to France, whether by boat, plane, car or train.
With the huge variety of cheap breaks available, it is now relatively inexpensive to take advantage of the opportunity to explore such a wonderful country.
Paris deserves its worldwide fame as a culturally rich and astoundingly interesting holiday destination, one which holidaymakers fall in love with and return to time and time again.
Visit and revisit its renowned tourist attractions, such as the Arc Du Triomphe, the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower. Stroll through the artists’ quarter, or enjoy a leisurely cup of hot chocolate by the Seine.
At night, you will be certain to find a venue to fit your mood, from a mellow jazz club to an uproarious cabaret or exquisite restaurant.
Why not make the most of the temperate climate and refined seaside attractions of the French Riviera, amid the tall palm trees and elegant architecture of Nice? Visit the exclusive Palais de Mediterranee or the exciting National Theatre.
Perhaps you would like to enjoy the rich history and fascinating seaside streets of Normandy, and visit the quaint jewel that is Mont Saint Michel? Or discover the tranquil rivers of the famed wine-producing region of Bordeaux.
You can explore to your heart’s content the expansive countryside and breathtaking natural beauty of the South of France.
Enjoy panoramic views of the Atlantic from a modern apartment in the medieval city of La Rochelle, or visit the rich farmland area of the Champagne Region, offering a more rustic getaway.
Take a trip down to the Camargue, and see for yourself the famous flocks of pink flamingos nesting: the only place in France (and one of very few places in all of the Mediterranean itself) where they do so.
History and architecture enthusiasts alike are bound to have their curiosity piqued as well as satisfied by the ancient fortified French town of Carcassonne.
The unique city-state of Monaco awaits you on the Mediterranean coast; you can mingle in the affluent, sun-splashed surroundings of the home of the Monaco Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Rally.
Whatever your tastes, France has a vast array of locations and accommodation to suit all.
One of the best things about France is its proximity to Britain – making it the perfect choice for those wanting to taste the culture of a foreign land but don’t want the hassle of a long-haul trip.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015