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Haunted Bath

...Surrounded in stunning Georgian and Roman Architecture, Bath is not only rich with buildings from bygone days but filled with the essence of the people who once inhabited this historical city.

It’s no wonder some restless spirits still walk the beautiful streets in Bath and refuse to leave some of the buildings they once frequented.

If you walk down the Royal Crescent you may see an elegant coach drawn by four horses. Look again, as you may be witnessing the elopement of Elizabeth Linley of No.11 with the Irish playwright and politician Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Sheridan was not Miss Linley’s only suitor and fought duels with Captain Thomas Matthews winning her hand in marriage. Some while later he was unfaithful and poor Elizabeth contracted tuberculosis and died at 38 years. A bronze plaque marks the place she eloped from. Why does this event manifest itself over and over? Maybe the elopement was a truly happy time in Elizabeth’s life or maybe it marks the beginning to a set of events that culminated in her untimely death.

Other haunted locations around Bath can be found listed below however if you are feeling brave and the story of Elizabeth has whetted your appetite, then why not join one of Bath’s regular Ghost Walks which start from outside the Theatre Royal and Garricks Head public house. This is an easy to find landmark on Barton Street. Groups assemble on the paved area outside the pub where guides make themselves known and explain how the evening will progress.
Bath’s well known haunted locations


Assembly Rooms – Man in black Hat
Bath’s most famous and often seen ghost is The Man In The Black Hat. He is dressed in late 18th century clothes, often wearing a black cloak.


The Theatre Royal – Butterfly
A tortoiseshell butterfly appears during the pantomime run each year however this is not the butterfly season!

The Garrick’s Head Public House - Two ghosts
One Ghost is an unfaithful wife and the other is her lover, from the 18th century. The lover was killed by her husband and the wife committed suicide. The woman can be seen in a grey dress and the lover is handsome and well dressed.

Freezing Hill – Outskirts of Bath
Freezing Hill, just outside Bath, was the site of the Battle Of Lansdown. Several 17th century ghosts are said to still roam the hill.

Popjoy’s Restaurant – 2 Lady ghosts, one dating back to 18th Century the other 1960’s.
One lady is the Ghost of Juliana Popjoy, the 18th-century mistress of Beau Nash. The other ghost is Janice/Janet. She is dressed in 1960's type clothing and dines alone and looks perfectly normal until she vanishes.

The Beehive Public House – Serving girl form Victorian age
Bunty sometimes appears in the kitchen of The Beehive.
For details, maps and further haunted addresses to investigate in Bath, please refer to the Paranormal Database 

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015