Edge to Edge by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure
Gardom Sunset by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure
Gardoms Garden by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure
Nether Tor by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure
Stanage High Neb by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure
Transcending Light by Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure

Harsharn Gill at Peak Exposure

...landscape images focusing on the Peak District

Harsharn Gill is a Manchester-based landscape photographer focusing mainly on the Peak District and also coastal and architectural images.

Being an avid outdoor enthusiast involved in endurance sports, Harsharn is used to passing through the landscape, but never stopping long enough to appreciate it.

Photography allows him to slow things right down, take in the views and express himself creatively, which is reflected in his images and his passion for the outdoors.

Based in Manchester, Harsharn focuses much of his efforts on photographing the beautiful and ever changing landscape in the nearby Peak District, shaped by both the seasons and unique British weather.

This provides an opportunity to not only to document the Peak, but to also produce images from the most extreme conditions in winter to the blossoming purple heather found in late summer, conveying the diverse environment the Peak District has to offer.

With a keen interest in Geology, photography is the perfect partner to capturing a moment in time, which has evolved through thousands of millenniums only for us to find how it is today, and as with many photographers, Harsharn prefer the early and late light of the day to show the landscape at its best, with the warm light accentuating the beauty of the hills and valleys alike.

Contact information

Website: www.peak-exposure.co.uk

Phone: 07989 417361

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015

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