Hamstreet Woods National Nature Reserve

Hamstreet Woods National Nature Reserve


Hamstreet Woods National Nature Reserve was one of the first National Nature Reserves in the country.

The stunning ancient woodland is the ideal place to take peaceful, relaxing woodland walks. The site makes use of the abundant footpaths, bridleways and long distance trails that run through the reserve, to offer an assortment of routes to enjoy.

Hamstreet Woods NNR sits on the old escarpment of the original Saxon shoreline which is now 10 km from the sea. The woods are part of Orlestone Forest, a fragmented area of woodland that is the leftover of an uninterrupted oak forest that used to cover the Weald. Bluebells, honeysuckle and wood anemone are found among the ground flora together with gorse, ling and tormentil in more acidic areas. Damper areas are home to ash, hazel, hawthorn and alder. Here the ground flora includes dog's mercury, greater butterfly and early purple orchid.

Many breeding birds can be seen on the reserve, most typical of woodlands. These include treecreeper, spotted flycatcher and redpoll, with nightingale, hawfinch and sparrowhawk. The woods support a large number of rare invertebrates, most notably species living on dead-wood and butterflies such as the Duke of Burgundy fritillary.
The reserve is unusual in that it is still keenly managed in a traditional way. It is because of this management that it attracts an exceptional collection of birds and moths.

The site is also of archaeological interest and contains many well preserved earthworks including a medieval ditch and bank system and the remains of a medieval dam.


Opening times

Open all the time



Paths are largely suitable for electric scooters

The nearest train station is Hamstreet (0.5 miles). Cycling and riding are allowed.

Signs and leaflets are available for visitor information and there are waymarked trails of 2.5 and 5 kilometres. The Reserve is accessed from the B2067 at Hamstreet. There are no toilets. Parking is available.




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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015