Surfing on the Gower


The Gower Peninsula is one of the most scenic parts of Wales, a country already well known for its largely unspoilt landscape. The Gower Peninsula in particular features an intensity of historic features within an area of around 15 miles by 7 miles, meaning there is lots to do without having to move far. The area was among the 1st round of locations to be given the designation of Area of Outstanding Natural beauty in the 1950s, which has kept the area`s appeal fresh for those wishing to explore today, with many of the beaches having maintained blue flag status for 2009

One of the most popular activities in Gower is surfing, as a result of the clean beaches and waves, with a hub of tourist surfer activity having developed in the surrounding area. While many of the beaches enjoy unspoilt landscapes, with few buildings - or indeed, general tourists - in sight (e.g. Rhossilli), there is much accommodation to choose from in local villages such as Llangennith.

Some of the most popular surfing spots in the area include Llangennith, Rhossilli, Oxwich, and the blue flag beaches include Bracelet Bay, Port Eynon Bay Langland and Caswell Bay, although Langland in particular can be dangerous for new surfers. With the summer heatwave predicted for the UK in 2009, the prospects of an enjoyable surf are excellent, making it an ideal time to try surfing if you`re new. There are several excellent surf schools in the area, offering training tailored to large groups of children (and groups of adults on stag/hen parties) as well as to families. Similarly, if you`re an experienced surfer who normally tries to get away to Australia or California for the summer, this year could be the one to enjoy what`s on offer closer to home, in an area popular with a range of tourists, without being too dominated by fellow surfer.

When you`re out surfing, you`ll want to make sure you`re using the best equipment available to you. For a beginner, this might just mean a hired `foamy`, which can actually be easier for you if you`re not confident, as these boards can be bigger than usual, making it easier to stay on. However, its also important to look right when you`re off the beach, by choosing the right brands that are associated with the surfing scene, such as Animal surf clothing

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015