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...fashionable dress for men, women and children from the late 16th century

Discover the changing fashions of the centuries with this world class collection of contemporary dress. Step back in time and see how people dressed over the years and how the making of clothes and designs have changed.

Started by Doris Langley Moore, the collection was given to the city of Bath in 1963 and is housed in the Assembly Rooms, Bath.
The collection now stands at some 30,000 items and 150 of these have been brought to life in dressed figures to illustrate the changing styles. There are displays for menswear, womenswear, dress for the day and dress for the evening. There is even a special corsets and crinoline display where you can try on some reproduction garments, along with various other displays, exhibitions and events.
An interesting look at changing fashions over time and definitely worth a visit. You’ll be saying how times have changed and possibly be thankful that they have.
Check the museum website for further details on times and prices.
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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015