Eyam and Foolow video

...famous Derbyshire villages

Peak District Videos presents the villages of Eyam and Foolow...

The famous village of Eyam (pronounced 'eem' by the way) is a survivor of a tragic and desperate past when the villagers voluntarily quarantined themselves from the outside world to contain the spread of the deadly 'black death' virus (bubonic plague) that decimated the community in 1665-66.

Today, happily, the village sits at the heart of the Peak District with wonderful scenery all around and a rich heritage that can be witnessed everywhere in this pretty Derbyshire town.

This Eyam and Foolow video is part of the fast-growing collection of high quality videos that make up the Let's Stay Peak District Peak District village videos series - created by our sister website Peak District Videos on which a number of cottage videos showing the same production values can also be seen.


Last Updated: 5 Oct 2015