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Exmoor Zoo


Meet the beast of Exmoor! Come along to Exmoor Zoo for a great day out for all the family.

Exmoor Zoo is unique and an unusual zoo to visit! Opened in 1982 the zoo is now an ideal family venue, especially for the younger generation. Changes keep taking place, even a visit last year, will today see new exhibits and animals!

The zoo has always specialised in smaller animals in the past, providing “natural” living spaces for many creatures no longer seen in the city zoos. The careful planting of shrubs and trees as they have matured, will keep you wondering what is next, providing a very relaxing and natural atmosphere! Today new exhibits exist for larger animals such as cheetah, blackbuck, maned wolves, sitatunga and of course the "Exmoor beast" !"

Exmoor zoo is different from other zoos. It is not a wildlife park or a city zoo, but a more personal, friendly and contact orientated zoo which has grown into a North Devon Valley. This is reflected by the talks and encounter sessions (every half hour in the Summer), a visit will show you there is a lot more here than first meets the eye!

Any good zoo is all about education, whether it is learning about endangered habitats and animals, encouraging language skills or gaining an insight into the business of tourism. We have three education officers here at the zoo who can offer their services especially for you either here at the zoo or in your classroom

Lots of exciting exotic and rare animals and birds can be seen at the zoo.They are all displayed in natural surroundings which helps them relax and helps our visitors to see them as close as possible.

We have built a five metre tower at the cheetahs, raised walk ways at the "beast" and a viewing platform over the sitatunga to help make viewing more enjoyable. Most importantly we have not forgotten the children and wheelchair people with glass windows at lower heights wherever possible!

Exmoor Beast!

"At last, after 2 years constructing the enclosure we can actually show everybody who visits us what most of the "Exmoor Beast" sightings actually are! Ebony is our black lady leopard, who is, amazingly, just one of five left in captivity in great Britain. She is just one of two possible breeding females throughout the British Isles!

Born in the Santago Rare Cat Trust in Hertfordshire, her dad is American and mum a Czech! She has settled down into a daily routine and now regularly awaits her afternoon feed, timed with a talk on the "Exmoor Beast" at 4.15pm (not Fridays).

Beware if you visit! She can be difficult to locate inside her natural enclosure, often asleep during mid-day (especially if sunny) - but only too ready to eye up any potential meals in the surrounding countryside or the occassional visitor to the zoo that attracts her attention!

A selection of skulls and artefacts from Exmoor is on display at the enclosure, as well as boards and signs telling all our visitors all about the myth and legend of our "Exmoor Beast" as well as some of the recent newspaper stories of sightings!

Come and visit. Have you seen the Exmoor beast?"

Opening Times

Exmoor Zoo is open 362 days of the year at 10:am every morning.
Most attractions in North Devon close for winter - we do not!
The 3 days in the year when we are closed are: December 24th, 25th and 26th Inclusive.

We open each day at 10am and close between 4pm - 6pm depending on the time of year - please see our website (link above) for full details.

Exmoor Zoo, South Stowford, Bratton Flemming, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 4SG  Telephone: 01598 763352.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015