The Eden Project

Eden Project

...Cornwall wonder

The Eden project has been described as the 'eighth wonder of the world'. Fantastic for the first time visitor, always something if you are returning.


The Eden Project is set in a former china clay pit near to St Austell. Completed as part of the 2000 millenium projects, the Eden Project has proved to be one of the UK's most popular tourist attractions.  As you arrive in one of the many car parks you can be transported by bus or land train to the visitor centre. As you start to drop down on the road the two huge biomes begin to come into view as if rising out of the ground.  A fantastic sight.  

The Human Tropics Biome

Whatever the weather outside you will not need your coat within the Human Tropics Biome. The rainforest plants from the tropical islands from all over the world need the warm temperatures to flourish. As you walk round please read the educational boards that tell you all about the plants and what they produce and why they are so important to protect. Learn all about Cocoa beans, bananas, rubber and many more every day products that are grown successfully in this Biome.

The Warm Temperate Biome

You won’t be requiring your coat in this Mediterranean Biome. Cooler than the rainforest but still a lovely warm temperature. Here you can see the growth of Olives, Citrus and vines. Lots of fruits, flowers and modern artwork provide a glorious backdrop that mirrors the Mediterranean, South African and Californian  landscapes.

Outside the Biomes, the Education Centre is one of the more recent additions to this amazing attraction. Eden is not just about viewing plants from around the world. It is more about conservation, education and learning about the world about us. From the entrance hall, there are thousands of plants to pass through on your way to the Biomes. During the spring, the most beautiful sight of bulbs flowering makes it a wonderful time to visit. In the summer the Eden sessions in the outdoor arena provide performances by some of the top recording artists from around the world.

You can’t really do the Eden Project justice in an article, if you haven’t had chance to visit in the past and you’re in Cornwall in 2011 try and make it down to St Austell to see for yourself.


Saturday 23rd June -  Tim Minchin - Musical Comic
Saturday 30th June -  UK dance and hip-hop supremo Example
Sunday 1st July      -  Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls
Friday 6th July        -  Plan B plus guest artist
Sunday 8th July      -  Blink-182, one of the biggest pop punk bands of all time, will play their awesome live show

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