Dover Museum

Dover Museum


Dover Museum is a local history and archaeology museum located in the town centre of Dover, Britain's historic port town.

It is home to the Dover Bronze Age Boat, the world's oldest known seagoing boat and an enthralling archaeological discovery. A new addition to the museum has been the newly opened Dover Bronze Age Boat gallery. This major gallery tells the story of the excavation and conservation of the Dover Boat, as well as exploring main themes of the Bronze Age, using artefacts, replicas, models, video, computer interactives, hands-on exhibits and illustrated panels. (Much of the information is accessible in a range of languages - English, French, German, Spanish or Dutch).

 Dover Museum's displays cover the prehistory and history of Dover: 

·     Prehistoric Dover, including one of the best Bronze Age displays in the country

·     Roman glass and pottery from some of Dover's numerous Roman sites

·     Anglo-Saxon finds from the Buckland Cemetery excavation (on loan from the British Museum)

·     the Norman conquest and the burning of Dover

·     the history of Dover Castle,

·     the medieval development of the town and port, including a outstanding portrait of Elizabeth I

·     the Victorian reconstruction of the town

·     and Dover's important place in both World Wars.

Dover Museum has a strong collection, built up over the 150 years of the museum's history.

For the past 10 years the museum has directed its collection towards the history and archaeology of Dover, such as:

- Model Cannon and Gun Carriage : Working Model of a seven inch rifled breech-loading Armstrong pattern field gun.(October 1998)

 -Southern Railway Poster : Kenneth Shoesmith, 1936 (November 1998)

 -Greetings Postcard : New Years Greetings Card (December 1998)

 -Bellarmine Jug (January 1999)

 -Roman Pharos two prints of the Roman lighthouse on Castle Hill above Dover (February 1999)

 -A Selection of Fossils : a small selection of fossils, tying in with our annual fossil roadshow, held in March (March 1999)

 -Chain Home Low Radar Station : Shelling during World War Two (May 1999)

 -Tram No. 4, Bench Street, Dover : glass slide (June 1999)

 -Louis Bleriot's landing : photograph (August 1999)

 -St. Mary's Church : engraving and postcard (September 1999)

 -Ripple Hoard, a hoard of 5 Bronze Age palstaves   (October 1999)

Opening hours (please check before visiting)

10am - 5.30pm Monday to Saturday

12pm - 5.00pm Sunday

Closed Sundays September to March

Closed December 25th and 26th and on 1st January

Our address is:

Dover Museum,

Market Square,


CT16 1PB

Tel: 01304 201066 Fax: 01304 241186

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