Dovedale video

..moody and magnificent - Dovedale, princess of the Peak

Video of Dovedale taken in Feb 2011

Beautiful Dovedale is deservedly one of the most popular places to visit in the Peak District - but please don't go an a sunny Summer's Sunday afternoon or you'll just see a traffic jam, car park and three thousand other folk!

Visit on a midweek morning and you'll probably have the place to yourself! You'll be able to explore freely and unemcumbered and have fun on the newly raised stepping stones that look much more dangerous than they ever were before being 'topped' to avoid the occasional wetting of feet and sprained ankles. Ouch! Now you're more likely to break your neck if you fall off into the 'wild Dove' far below (only joking!). 

This aside, to enjoy the real beauty of Dovedale takes a bit more effort than a 5 minute stroll to the stones - take a picnic, your camera or sketch pad - find somewhere quiet and spend an hour or two in her company. Preferably alone of course.

The latest in our programme to produce high quality HD videos for the whole of the Peak District National Park, Dovedale will be visited again by the Let's Stay team in Summer for the filming of part 2 - enjoy the video so far!

For even more high quality full HD videos (no slideshows here!)  please visit Peak District Videos 

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015