Scruffy Mondron dog with attitude! Mike Cummins 2012
Mondron German Shepherd who lives on a building site - Mike Cummins 2012
This dog was originally rescued from a bin in Colmenar - Mike Cummins 2012
The saddest dog on the planet - guarding a house near Mondron

Dogs of Andalucia

Fame at last...but help always needed!

This is Let's Stay Andalucia's modest tribute page to the dogs and other anmals of Andalucia (specifically in the Axarquia) with a plea for help if you can.

Many dogs in the Axarquia can be neglected and even discarded and left wholly to their own devices (particularly bitches after a litter is produced) - treatment which is thankfully unheard of by English and northern European dog and animal owners.

Many such dogs either need good homes or are seeking foster homes until permanent families can be found to offer love and protection for often terrifed animals.

A recent case (2012) involved a Boxer bitch discarded to wander the bakingly hot July streets of Periana near Velez Malaga.

Extremely thin, very wary of humans and obviously having recently given birth, the innocent and frightened animal nevertheless fought her terror and approached people in desperation for food and water.

Food and drink was thankfully offered regularly by a few kind souls living in and around the small town and eventually one or two of the more humane folk managed to source a permanent foster home and, following a long battle to capture her from the streets, the lovely dog now has a stable and loving home in which to repair and flourish, hopefully for many years to come. 

The video on this page gives a glimpse of the dog and part of her story. Result!

Cultural change in regard to animal welfare is coming slowly in rural Spain and more dogs are  finally being properly speyed or neutered to stop the many unwanted and abandoned pups and 'campo' dogs left to fend for themselves in the often harsh countryside  - but 'slow' is, unfortunately, still the word.

This simple page has a few images of dogs taken during our stay in the region during the Spring and Summer of 2012 and is intended to inspire anyone interested in dogs or any animals to help if they can.

We also feature links to several dog charities in the region - please help in any way you can (if you have a website, a link to an animal welfare website is a very good place to start).

Thanks for reading.

Mike Cummins
Summer 2012 

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015