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...our customers would like to say a few words!

"I am thrilled with your site, it is very easy to use and informative."

Vanessa - The Orchards at Rushley Farm, Dovedale - Jan 2011

"Good new service especially being able to amend the listing."

Wendy - Riverside House Litton Mill - Jan 2011

(after enabling our Free Availability Calendar!)

" Really pleased with listing on your website....we get a lot of positive responses from it. Thank you"

Julie - Millers Dale - Nov 2010

" Hi Bridget, We are starting to get enquiries from your website and yesterday took two bookings, one for next week for a week and one for 3 days in September.  We have also had two other enquiries for weeks we had already had booked. Thanks a lot"

(after enabling our Free Availability Calendar!)

Angela - Pinfold Cottage Elton - 12th August 2010

" Hi Mike
Very pleased with the site, so far we have had 10 enquiries which 3 have turned into bookings....".

(after just 13 days on the UK site)

Dave - Coniston Lodge - Windermere 9th August 2010

".... I fully appreciate everything you say and I have no qualms whatsoever with your prices and the level of business we get from your web site. It was one of my best days work when I signed up with Mike.....

Lynn Hamilton - Ramshorn Holiday Lodges - 3 August 2010

"Many thanks for your help over the last couple or years. I have now sold the house and it's gone back to residential.  If I ever decide to do it again, I shall get straight onto you and I'll also recommend you. You did me proud!

Peter Dell - Middle Cottage Eyam - 5 August 2010

"Thanks for the offer of renewal but we have recently accepted an offer on the house, however we will recommend you to the buyer upon completion as they are renting as a holiday property"

Jayne - No 2 Bank House Bakewell - 28 July 2010

" Hi Mike, I think your Let's Stay Sites are brilliant and an excellent advertising tool, to date we have received 13 actual bookings from you which is fantastic considering the short time we have been with you. We have received an even bigger number of enquiries, but of course not all of them turn into a reservation for different reasons. "

Jan Hammond - Uppermoor Farm Cottages - July 19 2010

"Your rates continue to give good value. I'm pleased to say our star rating this year has gone from 4 star to 4 star gold. We have good bookings into August this year, some are repeat bookings, so that's fab"

Liz and Andrew Woodward - Top Eccles Farm - 2 June 2010

"We're getting a steady stream of bookings via "Let's Stay" and we appreciate the quick and helpful response we always get when we contact you - thank you."

Jenny and Chris Greenleaves - Brassington cottage owners -
29 March 2010

"Thanks Mike and Bridget, just to let you know that I have had 6 bookings and 6 further enquiries since my listing appeared. Great work, thanks again"

Dawn Gregory - Little Longstone B&B owner - 23 February 2010

Dear Bridget
Enclosed please find my cheque in full payment fo listing my holiday cottage on Let's Stay Peak District for 2010. Thank you for doing the recent changes so quickly, we had a really good response last year, which was our first year so hopefully will repeat it this year.

Sue Curtis Alstonefield cottage owner - 18 February 2010

"Thanks for your diligence Mike. Life is rather hectic just now which is why
have been a bit slow in getting back to you. In fact you have only yourself
to blame - since you got us up on your site (4 days ago) I have had to pull my finger out
and get things sorted since I have had about 5 enquiries and 2

Bruce Dawson - Cressbrook cottage owner - 12.11.2008

"Hi Mike,
Just to give you some positive feedback. We have had over 100 visitors to our website since going live with you (im sure you have the stats). Also we have had a party for over 100 people booked for a dinner.
Great news!"

Sally Rowland
Sales and Marketing
Old Hall Hotel, The Square, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6BD
Tel. 01298 22841
September 3rd 2008

"Hi Mike, what I did want to say is that we have had a fantastic response (after 2 weeks on Let's Stay Peak District). We have probably had about 20 enquiries, we have 3 confirmed bookings and a couple of provisional and I feel that once the internal shots are on, then we will really see an upturn."

Lynn Hamilton, Amos Group (Ramshorn Estate holiday lodges) - 27.7.2008

"Hi Mike
...we had 4 enquiries yesterday and we have one confirmed booking for Oct and looks like one about to be confirmed for New Year week!!"

David King - holiday barn owner near Glossop - 26.6.2008

"Hello Mike
Since we came on your site at the end of October 2007 we've had 11 confirmed bookings and loads of enquiries. 10 of the bookings have come from the Let's Stay Peak District site - which is fantastic, thanks!"
Darren - cottage owner from Chinley 23.2.208

"Hello Mike
The site is working well – we have had 3 bookings already.

Many thanks "
Sue - Hathersage cottage owner - 7.2.2008

"Hello Mike
Fabulous photos...and I have been thrilled with the response that I have had from being on the front page of Let's Stay Peak District!"
Philippa - accommodation owner near Ashbourne. 1.2.2008

"Hello Mike -
Hope you are well and having a good year to date...
The bookings for Jasmine Cottage have gone through the roof since changing the advertising and the website so many thanks for your part in that."
Kind regards
Lee Kenworthy
Castleton & Winster holiday cottage owner
- 29.1.2008

"Hello Mike
Just a few words to say how thrilled we are about the advertising we've done with Let's Stay Peak District since December 2007 - we've had 10 bookings in total, 8 of which, we know, have come via your website. We are also very pleased with the website you have created for us too - all the best."
Damien - Matlock self catering accommodation owner - Jan 4th 2008

" Hi Mike
Well that was wondrous. Thanks to you we have filled up nicely. Could we change your advert to next week a few last minute deals available. This really seems to work and we have a few empty next week.

Thanks again for all your prompt help.
Gilly - b&b owner at Ashford in the Water - 23.8.2007

"Hello Mike
I check Google Analytics stats every day and Let's Stay Peak District is consistently at the top of the referrals league. Your site does really well for us so many thanks!"

David Hardman - owner East Lodge Hotel, Rowsley. - 7.8.2007

"Hi Mike
I'd like to renew the entry for The Stanley Arms as your site brings us nearly as much traffic as Google - you're always at the top of the stats - keep up the good work!"

Adrian Taylor - owner - The Stanley Arms - 6.8.2007

"Hi Mike
I'd like to re-book both our entries (yet again!) for Ringwood Hall Hotel - as your site brings us much business - both on the hotel side and the apartments too."

Mark Davies - on behalf of Ringwood Hall Hotel nr Chesterfield. - 6.8.2007

"Hi Mike
We have been absolutely delighted with the results of the advert we placed in the Late Deals & Last Minute Offers section of your website promoting 3 cottage deals - they were ALL booked in just a few days - it worked!!

Martin - owner of holiday cottages near Buxton - 2.8.2007

"Hi Mike
.Since our cottage was advertised on your site (6 weeks ago)....we've had 3 bookings so far - which we're happy with, and are now basically full till June 18th..."
Fiona & Chris - cottage owners from Tideswell - 24.5.2007

"Hi Mike,
Just a quick update for you.
Since we advertised with you we've had 11 bookings (in less than 5 months) from your site, thank you very much.
We will be taking another picture of the front of the cottage in the next couple of weeks, now the plants are coming out and the weather picking up. If we send it to you can we replace the one you have?
Also, just for info, our bookings from 28th September 2007 have changed from sat to sat, to Friday to Friday.
Hope you are well. Many thanks."
Justine - Castleton holiday cottage owner 10.5.2007

Many thanks for making the changes requested last month. We have had a lot more enquiries and bookings since then."
Phil & Val - cottage owners near Matlock - 6.5.2007

"Hello Mike - we've done very well with bookings from Let's Stay Peak District since we took over here. The new owner is very pleased with the response!"
Clive - manager at the newly refurbished Charles Cotton hotel in Hartington - 22.4.2007

"Hi Mike - we've been on your website for 8 days so far and have had 2 confirmed bookings in addition to over 100 referrals. The advert has already paid for itself - it's absolutely brilliant! And if any of your potential customers aren't sure about choosing Let's Stay Peak District - ask them to call me and I'll tell them!"
Justin Heslop - owner/partner of Hurdlow Grange holiday cottages near Buxton - 30.1.2007

"Hi Mike - we have had quite a few enquiries through your website - we are very pleased with the response".
Tracy - hotel manager in Hartington - 28.1.2007

"Hello Mike ...we had a phenomenally successful summer and have continued to be booked through the winter months thanks to your superb service. Its been fantastic so thank you".
Mel and Neal Seymour - cottage owners in Tideswell - 26.1.2007

So far (after less than 3 weeks) we are very pleased with the response from your site - we've had 2 bookings already!
We are advertised with 3 other sites and have had one enquiry in total from them, and 7 from yours - including the 2 confirmed bookings.
We had a booking for Christmas within a day and a half of being on yours, which was great as we weren't going to advertise until the following week."
Justine - Castleton Cottage owner - Jan 4th 2007

"Hi Mike -
.... the web site is great and gets us a lot of bookings
Thank you and Merry Christmas.
Julie - cottage owner from Miller's Dale - 19.12.2006

"Mike -
It has been a bit of a whirlwind over the last week! I am thrilled with the response that I have had from your website and have already recommended it to a friend who is in the process of renovating a holiday home.
It was terribly exciting when I had a booking on the first day that I advertised on your website - long may it continue!
Thank you for your help"
Philippa - Cottage owner - near Ashbourne - 19.10.2006

" Hi Mike - the advert we've got with you has literally paid for itself in the FIRST 2 WEEKS of coming on board with you with the 'mini-website' advert. We've had several bookings in the few weeks since we first came on the site - so we obviously made the right decision in choosing Let's Stay Peak District!"
Steve & Sue - Hartington b&b owners - 15.9.2006

" (telephone call) - Mike - I've never advertised before and I don't even have a computer, but I wanted to tell you that I've already had 3 bookings from Let's Stay Peak District (all for 1 week each) since I started advertising in early August this year! Thanks so much sweetheart - it's brilliant!!! "
Karen - Holiday Barn owner - 14.9.2006

" Dear Mike -
Have done very well with bookings this year... virtual tour seems to be working well!
I would like to put my prices up for next year as I have started to get quite a few bookings in already. Can I email you the new prices?
Sue - Cottage owner in Bakewell - 31.8.2006

"Hi Mike -
Looks great, seems to be working already (after less than ONE day on the website!) - thanks for setting it up so well and so quickly".
sue and steve - b&b owners in Hartington - 12.8.2006

"Hi Mike - we finally got our Visit Britain accreditation! We've been very busy since we took over the cottage and we get a lot of bookings from Let's Stay Peak District - it's been great, thanks "
Sarah - Castleton cottage owner. 31.7.2006

"Hello Mike
Finally got my emails working!
Yes it looks good,....I am very pleased, Thank you very much. I have received my first booking through it (after 1 week advertising on the website). Thanks"
Liz - cottage owner from Cromford - 30.7.2006 - received 3 minutes after the text that follows....!

"Hi Mike
Just a line to say that everything is going well and how pleased we are with the responses so far. We seem to be getting quite a few hits."
Kevin - Matlock cottage owner - 30.7.2006

" Hello Mike
Within 2 days of our entry going 'live' on your website we had a 3 night b&b booking from Australia - very impressed and thanks very much! "
Chris - holiday accommodation owner from Elton near Winster. 28.7.2006

" Hi Mike
At last we have the lounge photos of the Old Piggery for the website. It's going well, had quite a few bookings
Neal and Mel Seymour - Tideswell cottage owners - 21.5.2006

"I hope this works for us - a friend of ours is very pleased with the response they've had!"
Lesley - cottage owner in the Hope Valley - 9.5.2006

"Mike - Thanks again for such a great service. you've done a great job"
Mel & Neal - cottage owners - 24.4.2006

"hi Mike
the ad looks great, Thank you for your prompt response. Very impressive!"
Melanie - holiday cottage owner Tideswell - 5.4.2006

"Hello Mike, booking numbers for the 8 months the cottage has been up and running have been quite encouraging, and I think almost all have been generated by your website. I wish the official sites would take a few lessons!"
Best regards,
Stephanie Cadenhead
Croft House Barn - 10.3.2006

"Mike, I'm not exagerating when I tell you that I got FIFTY bookings from your website in 2005! It was a fantastic first year for us!"
Martin - Peak District apartment owner

"That's fantastic Mike, the Virtual Tour is brilliant quality and really shows off our new apartment"
Ken - Castleton accommodation owner

"Dear Mike, The virtual tour is wonderful. It's the very first time the beauty of our B&B has been captured. People are ALWAYS surprised when they see it and we have felt it a shame that they couldn't see this quality when booking but photo stills never worked."
Angela - b&b owner - Edale

"Dear Mike
Very pleased with the virtual tour of the cottage. The kitchen and bedroom have come out particularly well."
Susie - holiday cottage owner - Bakewell

"Thanks Mike, that's great. I always said that your website is the best in the Peak District"
Anna - Sladen Cottage, Hathersage 18.1.2006

" Mike, just to let you know that we've just taken our first booking LESS than 24 hours since we placed an advert on your website! Very impressive indeed..."
Mark, owner of the Crewe and Harpur Arms hotel - November 23rd 2005

" The results from advertising my luxury b&b on your website have been exceptional, far, far better than ever I hoped"
Cynthia - b&b owner Ashbourne
November 2005

"Dear Mike - your website is fantastic - I've been calling everyone to tell them!"
Nellie - cottage owner from Padley
August 2005

" Hi Mike, just a note to say thanks for all your help with our entry on your website and to let you know the fantastic response we've enjoyed ever since we decided to try you back in September 2004. The website certainly works well for us!"
Julie ..b&b and cottage owner from Hathersage 18.1.2005

" The response from your website to our accommodation and art/photographic courses has been extremely good. Many thanks for your help with everything "
Sue Barber Matlock accommodation owner 10.1.2005

" We had a very good year last year due to advertising on your website and, already for 2005, we've had a very good's been excellent value for money thank you."
Beverley ..Milldale cottage owner 5.1.2005

" We opened our new hotel (and apartments) in April 2004 and have advertised with you since day one. Virtually ALL the response we get comes from your website with one particular month showing that you brought us over 95% of ALL our traffic, which is just phenomenal.
Our expectations for the hotel have all been exceeded mainly due to the superb response from your website, and we thank you for your help and service during this time.
As a result of the incredible response we even cancelled an intended brochure, which would have been very expensive as well as completely wasted! Thanks again and keep up the very good work!"
Barry Draycott (owner) Losehill House Hotel 29.11.2004

" Just a note to say thank you for providing such an outstanding web-site. We had a fantastic few days in the Peak District in September having found our hotel on your site and taking two of the walks described on the site.
We did the Landmark Triangle walk and the Great Longstone walk. We are not regular walkers but found the directions to be very clear. The walks were great. We had a memorable trip and will be returning. "
Thanks again.
Peter Jepson 10.10.2004

" Mike,
This has been a fabulous first year for us. 95% of our booking have came from hits from your web site.
Once again, thanks, this has been our first year and we had originally gone with an agency, they had only got two bookings for us so we had started to get a bit worried.
Found your site, advertised with you and have never looked back!
I'm no longer with the agency surprisingly!
Thanks and I look forward to next year. "
Many thanks
Julian Castleton Cottage owner 5.9.2004

" Mike
Well, you were as good as your word: we've just had our first booking, less than 48 hours after going live!
Thanks, Carl "
Hey Cottage, Hayfield 5.8.2004

" Hi Mike, thanks for the super job on our page. I look forward to many years of mutual success! Best regards, Sandra "
B&B owner from Hathersage..26.6.2004

" Mike,
I'm very impressed. Since going live only a few days ago we have had 9 enquiries and 4 confirmed bookings.
Thanks for a great service.
Look forward to doing business next year.
Many thanks "
Julian, cottage owner from Castleton 19.5.2004

"Thanks Mike. We have 3 confirmed bookings in a short time frame thanks to your website, it was well worth the money.
Kind Regards "
Carole Coe, cottage owner from Chapel en le Frith ..19.5.2004

" Dear Mike,
Firstly, many thanks for a great mini web-site - set up so promptly too! I had at least 6 enquiries during the first few days, even one from Oz & took the first booking last Thursday. (The others were for Easter & I was full!) "
Ruth, b&b owner from Matlock (15.4.2004)

" Amazing...we had several enquiries in the first 24 hours of being listed (before we even knew we were on the site!), FOUR of which have already turned into confirmed bookings worth hundreds of pounds. And we've got another 14 months' advertising to go yet! Many thanks Mike for a great job...we'll certainly be recommending you to our friends...."
Helen and Dave, b&b owners from Matlock Bath (24.3.2004)

" Thank you for an excellent site which has generated many bookings, and also many thanks for your help when I had technical problems "

Chris, cottage owner from Wormhill(20.3.2004)

" I am very pleased with the website. Thanks. "

Ruth, pub owner near Tissington (28.2.2004)

"Hi Mike,
Just a note to say thanks and that we have had a very good response since we decided to post a web page on your site. We have a page under 'Holiday cottages' for our Lodge near Ashbourne. (Riber Lodge)
Today, I was looking for somewhere to advertise the Lodge as being close to Alton Towers and started searching the net. One of the returns on my search came up with the peakdistrict-nationalpark site! It has a page with accommodation close to alton towers. I didn't know you had such a page. Is it possible to have ours listed there also? We are only 15 minutes from Alton towers."

Paul & Jenny (1.2.2004)

" Thanks for the brilliant entry on your website and our 1st booking from it, the very next day..!

Maura, Castleton Cottage owner (7.12.2003)

"I thought you might be interested to know the reason I increased the number of entries on your site to now cover all the six cottages that we let out. The reason for this is that of the fifteen or so web sites on which I pay to appear, my own web page stats show that referrrals from your site onto my own site significantly exceed referrals from any of the others sites on which I appear."

Patrick, cottage owner Hartington area, 24.11.2003

"Dear Mike
.....largely thanks to the phenomenal response I have had and continue to get from my existing page on your website. From the first day you put it on I have had calls and emails on an almost daily basis. My cottage has been fully booked more or less since I joined your site. I now have no vacancies until the end of January, and already have lots booked up for next year: a first for me." Kind regards

Marianne Grayson, The Old Dairy, Hulme End (11.11.2003)

"Yes, we're the 3 months that we've advertised Ballidon Farmhouse on your website, we've had loads of enquiries and around 7 confirmed bookings."

Kathy, from Ballidon (10.11.2003)

"Yes, we've been very pleased with the amount of business we're getting from your website and we would would like to re-book for another year.."

Tissie, from the Chatsworth Estate office who administer 6 holiday cottages in the Wetton area (4.11.2003)

"We're very pleased with the response from your website, in fact we get nearly all our business from it..."

Hazel Bell, owner of 4 Peak District cottages (30.10.2003)

"Many thanks Mike, we've had several enquiries in the first few days of our entry going 'live'.."

Lesley and Richard, cottage owners (28.10.2003)

"I am pleased with the results of my advertising on your web site, regards, Patrick..."

..from an email received on the 21.10.2003

" I am very pleased with the site so far and have received many enquiries and 2 bookings since last Friday!"

Paula, Edale cottage owner (12.8.2003)

" We are plagued with websites and advertisers' wild claims but your site really works and we're happy to pay for expertise that generates extra income for us "

Jim, Country House self catering accommodation owner (6.8.2003)

"Dear Mike

Your headline advertising was successful in attracting a last minute booking for Spring Bank Cottage for next week. Thank you very much."

Christine Reeve, delighted cottage owner

"We had a b&b booking from your website within 2 days of our entry going live, needless to say how impressed we already are! "

Sue Machin from the Waterloo Hotel

" Hi Mike, Thanks for posting the cottages last week. I have already had enquiries and one booking for 3 weeks which is very encouraging "

Margaret, cottage owner near Chesterfield

" I must say that your web site does you very great credit, it's superb.."

Neil, local writer

" We've only been advertising with your site for a couple of weeks and we know we've had 2 confirmed bookings already. Keep up the good work and thanks for the interest. "

Chris and Liz, cottage owners in the Manifold Valley

" I've already taken at least 2 confirmed bookings from people who've seen our entry on your site..."

Cathy at Knockerdown Cottages, after only a week or two's advertising.

" We received a booking from you only last week and we're very satisfied with the website "

Mrs Fanshawe, b&b and cottage owner in the Monyash area

" I like your site very much - easy to navigate and up to date "

Pauline, local artist

" I think the website is great "

Rob, cottage owner from Baslow

" Thank you for producing my mini-website so quickly.."

Teresa from Gateham Grange cottages

" Thanks for doing my entry so quickly, it's brilliant! "

Chris, cottage owner from the Peak Forest area

" Looks very good! You have an interesting and useful site."

Graham, cottage owner near Hartington


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