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Buxton Mountain Rescue Team never know when you might need them

Formed in 1964, the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team is a well-oiled and highly-efficient machine dealing with over 60 calls per year...

Tragedy often spawns goodness, and the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team is no different.

Formed in 1964 after three scouts tragically lost their lives while tackling the famous 4 Inns Walk, the team has evolved from a group of hardy fellows who convened in a Buxton pub and used borrowed equipment to deal with occasional call-outs, into a well-oiled and highly-efficient machine dealing with over 60 calls per year.

Now based in Dove Holes, near Buxton, the team comprises around 45 voluntary members and its operational area covers The Goyt Valley and Macclesfield in the west, across to the climbing edges near Bakewell in the east – a total of approximately 400 square miles and covering three counties in Derbyshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

Although the team's priority is to locate and evacuate injured and/or lost persons in upland environments, the team also undertake a variety of other tasks, including cooperating with the police in searching for missing persons outside of the usual rural areas.

In this age of technological wonder and constant advances, one of the greatest challenges faced by MRTs is simply keeping up. Another major headache has always been the lack of a mobile phone signal in much of the Peak District.

The pioneering Buxton team have blazed several trails; in 2008 the team acquired a mobile phone working by satellite - an expensive development but one which provides a crucial line of communication in emergencies.

After protracted negotiations and testing, Buxton MRT became the first rescue team in the Peaks to use police 'Tetra' radios, loaned by the Derbyshire Police force. They provide a direct line to any police force control room around the Peak District, and communications with any police officer in the county including the police helicopter, or any ambulance control. The trials were such a triumph that radios were issued to all Peak District teams later in 2009.

As with all MRTs, the Buxton team is a registered charity and is completely dependent upon public donations. This service costs around £30,000 per annum to maintain and you can contribute by following the Just Giving link in the related links section on this page.

Sean Cummins
February 2010

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015