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For most people just the thought of starting a family is both daunting, exciting, hard work, joyous, and sometimes disappointing.

For most Women who become pregnant a happy time is often clouded by feelings of exhaustion and sickness.

For most Men the impending change in lifestyle and added responsibility can make stress levels go sky high.

Pregnancy Therapists at Bumps in Sheffield are enthusiastic about giving both you and your babies the healthiest, happiest and most relaxed start to your new life.

You may be dreaming of parenthood for the first time or be an old hand. Whatever your circumstances we are here to help. We aim to keep you in touch with yourself and give you a greater understanding of how to support your body as it goes through all the changes required for parenting.

Using natural and effective methods we show you ways in which to optimise your health and wellbeing, whilst adapting, adjusting or simply relaxing into your new lifestyle. We offer:

- Nutrition Workshops
- Pregnancy Massage
- Maternity Reflexology
- Relaxation Classes
- Preparing for Birth Classes
- Baby Massage
- Baby Reflexology

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