Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

Bekonscot model village and railway in Beaconsfield in Bucks

Bekonscot Model Village and Railway is the world’s oldest original model village.

It was opened in 1929 and it’s a great place to bring the family and stomp around like giants! There are six model towns, a huge Gauge 1 model garden railway, ride-on railway, remote-controlled boats, castles, lakes and industries in 1.5 acres of award-winning gardens.

Bekonscot Model Village actually comprises six little towns stuck in a 1930s timewarp. Bekonscot Town is the biggest, with the others scattered about the other 1.5 acres of gardens. Each has its own character, villagers and features - from coal mines to great castles, aerodromes to farms, docks to cable cars, racecourses to escaped convicts!

Visit the Bekonscot Model Village and railway website.

There are more than 200 buildings, 3,000 inhabitants, 1,000 animals, hundreds of vehicles and many models move right before your eyes. Stride down the High Streets and peek inside buildings - we’ve hidden hundreds of tiny details so take a second look!

It's a great family day out, and it's your chance to be a giant in a miniature land of adventure, hidden away in a 1930s timewarp. It’s a big day out full of really nice small things and we'd love to see you soon!

Bekonscot exists as a not-for-profit company, that raises money for needy causes and charities in the UK and abroad. Profits from Bekonscot’s operation are distributed to charities each year via the Roland Callingham Foundation and the Church Army. Covenants for charity have so far raised almost £5,000,000 at today’s prices.

Recipients have included Great Ormond Street Hospital, hospicies, RNLI, NSPCC, many local and national charities as well as many abroad.

Bekonscot is part of the Chill Out in the Chilterns group.ekonscot is part of the 'Chill Out Chilterns' grou

Bekonscot is run on charitable basis 

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015

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