Baslow Edge 3 mile walk


Baslow walks - a short stroll of just over 3 miles that should take less than 2 hours to complete. The walk starts with a stiff pull up to Wellington's monument (rewarded with beautiful views), followed by an easy amble across the moors before reaching a breathtaking vista at Baslow Edge.

The Baslow walk
A lovely descent and stroll underneath the rocky escarpment of Baslow Edge eventually leads you back to Baslow.

Start off by parking in the public car park in Baslow near Bakewell. This part of Baslow is known as Nether End and is just off the main A619. There are public toilets next to the car park, in addition to a tea shop and a number of pubs in the vicinity.

Walk details:
Cross the busy A619 with care at the pedestrian lights and walk up Eaton Hill next to the Italian restaurant 'Il Lupo'.

Continue until you reach Bar Road at which you turn right. Walk on up this road, which is a 'dead end' for traffic. You arrive shortly at a track onto which you should proceed.

This track ascends for a good distance to reach the open moors when Wellington's monument comes into view. About one hundred yards before the monument, just after a seat (a good vantage point), veer left onto a wide and clearly visible track.

A huge boulder is just along this track. Pass by the massive rock and continue across the moors for several hundred yards until a minor road becomes evident. Before you reach the stile near this road take a left turn on a well defined path to a semi circle of stone and a Peak District Authority information site giving details of the magnificent views all around you.

Retrace your steps and climb the left hand stile in the gate. Take an immediate left and follow the slim path at the side of the road. Shortly afterwards you will come to a large stile in the wall to your left just before a large tree. A National Trust sign boasts that you are entering 'Curbar Gap'.

Descend this obvious path through a couple of stiles until a track veers off to the left. Follow this track through another stile that announces the start of 'East Moors Estate'. This section can be boggy in parts. Continue, rising slightly upwards to the left before reaching a bit of a 'fork' in the path. Take the right hand path that starts to descend slightly.

Continue to a stile in the wall as you depart 'East Moors' onto a grassy field. Follow the wall to your right until you reach a track which you should join until another stile becomes visible just ahead and to the left of the track. Over the stile follow the faint path until it broadens as you round a bend with Chatswoth House now clearly in view straight ahead.

Baslow village proper is seen down to your right. Climb a couple more stiles and you rejoin the same track you ascended an hour or so ago. Turn right and retrace your steps back to Eaton Hill and down into the car park.


*Refreshment and toilet stops in Baslow only

Mike Cummins - 2006


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015