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Axarquia - east of Malaga

Sub tropical and delightful...

Axarquia, east of Malaga, with its sub-tropical temperatures.

Axarquia, east of Malaga, with its sub-tropical temperatures is known for the best climate in Europe. The Axarquia region is bordered by the Mediterranean to the south (Costa del Sol) and mountains, which shelter the area, to the north. The Axarquia stretches from the eastern side of Málaga to the east of Nerja and inland to Alfarnate.

Axarquia is an Arab name meaning "The East". This area, to the east of Malaga City, is much less developed than the west. The Axarquia retains all the charm of yesteryear thanks to unspoilt havens and attractive coves and beaches where bathers can flee the crowds to be found to the west of Malaga. Whilst becoming better known, the area still offers an ideal location for those in search of greater tranquillity. The Axarquia is one of the few areas to still feature beaches that have managed to escape the all-consuming urban development that has invaded other parts of the Mediterranean coast.

Axarquia is a land of contrast where high mountains look down upon the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. The highest of the mountains, in the northeast of the area, is La Maroma which reaches an altitude of 2,080 metres and is snow-capped in the winter in contrast to sunbathers on the beaches below.

There are many undeveloped villages and towns in the inland regions and some remain on the coast. Mules are still used as a means of transport and bullocks can be seen ploughing the fields. At the same time the larger coastal resorts provide a nightlife until the sun rises and all facilities the visitor or resident might desire. It is a land of gaiety, colour, fiestas and natural produce from the sea and land providing a healthy, fun and economic lifestyle.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015