Ashford Market

Ashford Market


You can find everything on sale here: livestock, antiques, cars and there's even a boot sale!

Ashford Market contains a Licenced Cafe & Restaurant as well as a Bar and Picnic areas. Parking is FREE. If kids are a problem, fear not, this place is also home to Kidzcity - a children’s play and activity centre.

Tel: 01233 506219


Car Auctions - 12 noon.
Main Livestock Auctions - 10am-2pm
Car Auctions - 6pm.
Furniture Auctions - 12 noon *not held every week so ring them first.
Antiques & Fine Art Auctions *not held every week so ring them first.
Horse & Saddlery Auctions * not held every week so ring them first.
Sheep Auctions *not held every week so ring them first.
Saturday Market Fayre - 10am - 4pm
Ashford's original stall market including a small boot fair as well.
The BIG Boot Fair - 7am - 2pm
Loads and loads of 'boots' selling loads and loads of 'stuff'.

Livestock Auctions - The Largest in The South East
Livestock Auctions take place on about 150 days each year with 200,000 sheep, 30,000 cattle and 5,000 pigs beings sold annually. The market facilities are arguably the best in Europe and help to draw stock from as far a field as Hampshire and Norfolk with buyers attending the Autumn Sheep Sales from throughout England. There is penning for up to 9,000 sheep or 700 cattle. This is complemented by 35 acres of grass paddocks and a dedicated indoor lairage where stock may be looked after before and after the sale.

The main sales ring is dual purpose and caters for sheep and cattle. It is heated with tired seating and accommodates about 400 buyers. A separate self contained building with smaller integral sales ring provides ideal facilities for the sale of calves, pigs and rams.

A Busy Place!
The market is used seven days a week throughout the year, only being closed for a few days during the Christmas period. Some 200 auctions take place on the site each year, together with the weekly stall markets and boot fairs, which have been recently complimented by a regular programme of leisure fairs at the weekends.

A typical week involves a car auction on a Monday evening, livestock auctions on Tuesday, a car sale on the Wednesday evening, a machinery sale on a Thursday, a livestock auction on a Friday, the stall market and craft fair on the Saturday and a boot fair and computer fair on a Sunday.

As well as the livestock auctions and car auctions we also hold auctions of antiques, household furniture and effects, agricultural and contractors machinery, horses and saddlery, property and shrubs and bulbs.
The stall market, although suffering a little at the hands of supermarkets, remains very popular with up to 150 pitches each week selling a wide range of goods from vendors throughout Southern England.
The boot fair continues to be very popular. Many thousands of people attend every Sunday in search of a bargain.
Recently the market has added a programme of leisure fairs including Antiques, Record and CD, Craft, Book, Computer and Golf Fairs which are held in the Amos Hall on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015