Arbor Low - neolithic stone circle and burial mound. Mike Cummins - 2009
Opposite view of Arbor Low  - Mike Cummins 2009
Gibb hill barrow - ancient burial mound at Arbor Low - Mike Cummins 2009

Arbor Low and Gibb hill - henge, stone circle and burial mounds

Neolithic henge monument near Monyash

Arbor Low is a Neolithic henge monument, stone circle and burial mound in the Peak District, Derbyshire. The henge was constructed about 2500 BC.

Arbor Low sits on a plateau 375m above sea level in an area of high moorland near Monyash and Youlgrave. The site is accessed by a privately owned farm, courtesy of the owner, and is managed by the Peak District National Park Authority.


Within an earthen bank and ditch, a circle of some 50 white limestone slabs, all now fallen, surrounds a central stone 'cove' - a feature found only in major sacred sites.
Some of the stones are broken, and possibly connect together, such that there was between 41 and 43 stones originally. In the centre lie seven smaller blocks, which form the cove. The stones are surrounded by an oval earthen bank.

The surprise is that all the stones are lying flat and no-one now knows for certain whether this was how they were originally or whether they were once upright and have been toppled.

There are two causeway entrances breaching both the bank and ditch. Within the bank lies an inner platform. Human skeletal remains have been discovered close to the central cove within the circle during excavations between 1901 and 1902.

Nearby is Gib Hill, a Bronze Age burial mound which may have once been connected with Arbor Low by an earth bank.

The henge is 350 metres from a car park with interpretation panel. Access is through a farmyard, for which a £1 charge is made with free entrance for children (2009 information).  An illustrated booklet is for sale here and at Bakewell visitor centre.


Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015