Catching dawns first light - Andrew Yu
Cloud inversion at Curbar Edge - Andrew Yu
Gated sunrise - Andrew Yu
Pre-dawn light - Andrew Yu
Rainbow! Andrew Yu
Sunrise at Surpise View - Andrew Yu

Andrew Yu Photography

...based in Greater Manchester

Andrew Yu has always had an interest in taking photographs....

...however it  was only until recently, Andrew started to build up a passion for photography, the desire to capture to an image which would tell a story or provoke thought in ones mind. No matter what, Andrew relishes the challenge of capturing that moment.

It is Andrew's personal belief that photography is an form of self expression which is how Andrew approaches his image making.

Living in Manchester with his wife and daughter, this allows Andrew the opportunity to photograph the diverse landscapes that are within reach of the conurbation. Andrew's love of walking, often takes his travels towards the Peak District.

The Peak District offers so many variety of seasonal opportunities from Autumn to Winter, through Spring to Summer which produce different colours and textures with the elements of the Peaks.

There is also the factor of the quality of seasonal light and Andrew prefers Autumn and Winter light especially during sunrises and sunsets which shows the beauty of the Peak District at its very best.

Besides his love of  landscapes, Andrew enjoys portraiture and photographing children outdoors, it is Andrew's personal belief to combine the beauty of the Peak Districts with the innocence of children would certainly make memories for life!"

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Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015

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