All Saints church in Elton - Mike Cummins 2010

All Saints Church in Elton of the wandering font

The Parish Church of All Saints was completely rebuilt in 1812 after the collapse of the old steeple onto the medieval church.

There is an interesting story connected to the font - which is a replica of the church's original 12th century Norman font.

During some rebuilding, the original font was removed and relocated to the churchyard, where it remained until 1833. The people of Elton, not realising the font's worth, allowed it to be taken to the local church in nearby Youlgrave.

Here it was recognised for its antiquity, was promptly 'rescued' from the vicarage garden and now occupies pride of place in Youlgrave Parish Church.

In the 1870s The Lord of the Manor, William Pole Thornhill, paid for an exact replica - which still stands in All Saints today.

Last Updated: 28 Apr 2015